The Savage and the Small

by A Seated Craft

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    A Seated Craft’s first album, The Savage and the Small, was self-released in December 2010, and was re-released through Songs & Whispers in November 2011. Each CD features original artwork from A Seated Craft and an accompanying lyric booklet. The Savage and the Small was recorded, arranged, mixed and produced by Tony Dupé in and around Berlin, with additional vocal arrangements by Alexia Peniguel.

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A Seated Craft is the music of Berlin based, Australian musician Alexia Peniguel. The Savage and the Small is her first album. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she has lived unobtrusively in Berlin, Germany since 2004. Lo-fi in style, hi-fi in texture, she treats words like clothing and keeps instruments like some people keep cats.


released 26 November 2011



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A Seated Craft Berlin, Germany

A Seated Craft is the music of Alexia Peniguel. Originally
from Melbourne, Australia, she has lived unobtrusively in
Berlin, Germany since 2004. Lo-fi in style, hi-fi in texture, she treats words like clothing and keeps instruments like some people keep cats.
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Track Name: celestial mechanics
stars tap out a Morse code
as if to let us know
that we are not alone
in our celestial dome

o Cepheid seraphim
I trace your skeleton
my fingers score the run
from dirt to distant sun

and I kid-skin glove my sight
such tactile stalactites
no tacit static bites
your finite pilot lights

solar driven squalls
the breath peels back and falls
makes atoms of us all
the savage and the small
Track Name: caradoc
it’s fey down there
where the dirt slumps in mid-speech
shoulders held as if to half ward off
the oak and the beech
where in the valley crease
the water draws the mountains steadily downwards
and on curls the path
past where Elly turned her car
past where the hillside hides scars
of a blast that the earth shrugged off
where I catch
glimpses of Lil
forests of glass
empires of spider’s silk
against the dappled milk
of an afternoon that dawned itself
into the dusk

and the engine chokes
but it does what it must
it coughs and croaks its way
through the gravel and the dust
and I give no quarter to the ache inside
the dogs will lick it clean when I arrive

my heart the book you write
the song you sing
the jolt that lifts that sunken ship
on the cusp of homecoming
Track Name: shell
heading downtown looking round high
before I’ve even pressed the day to my lips
I taste time gone by
when my heart was a red royal bird on high
you were never too keen on the pre-paid fare
just toss a coin see if you make it
but miss the bus let the cars go past
mess it up and there might be
something bigger than you and me

turn left at the traffic lights hit my street
old piss stained laneway lies in wait
how many times did we sit in the shell of your car
trying to cling to the thing that had bought us this far
now we’ve dissolved to pen on paper
as we kowtow to the cold narrator of the past
let’s reminisce this history into its box
maybe we can see
if there’s something bigger than you and me

they say wisdom comes from mistakes
and strength from heartache
you know I’d make do with just
being weak and dumb
tiptoe round trials of fire
lay low keep a lower profile
but all the while a voice says
you’re in it for the long run

is there something bigger than you and me
I’m waiting for something bigger than you and me
Track Name: so this is what it feels like
the skyline is sulking it scowls as it sinks
and the lights in the houses tentatively blink on
and evening calls for its happy hour drink
and I’m ok if I don’t think

the streets they all shudder as if their nerves are shot
and the trees hunch up glumly and deal with their lot
while the chimneys check that the moon’s in its spot
and I’m ok until I’m not

and this is the end of our beautiful stalemate
picture perfect grief on a silver plate
and oh my heart

night chases its tail til it trips into day
and I wake up bewildered with no hand to play
but there’s no point keeping the morning at bay
cos I’m ok when I’m ok

and daylight outside paints a Picasso fake
and the air smells of metal and burnt butter cake
and the blue of the sky is more than I can take
but I’m ok if I don’t break

but oh my heart my heartache
Track Name: about Sydney
I’m sorry I condemned your kitchen
I’m sorry I said you were wrong
I’m sorry for talking when I should have been
listening to the words of the song
and I’m sorry for filling the silence
and for rearranging the space
sorry that sometimes I took the light out of your eyes
and the smile off your face

but I’m not sorry I let myself fall
and I’m not sorry that you and I happened at all

I’m sorry for being so certain
I’m sorry I wasn’t the one
I’m sorry that for all the words that were spoken
nothing was able to be done
and I’m sorry the blow was a one person show
and the audience left in tears
and I’m so sorry about Sydney
that will stay with me for years
Track Name: here's the thing
oh look hey it’s me
tripping over the scenery
I’m only like that when you’re near
and the question isn’t why’d you come
but why’d you come and then go back home
without making anything to me clear
so the bags are packed
that future’s wrapped and ready to be thrown
into the deepest ocean I can find
cos I can’t see how you can be
the way you say you are and me be here so far
from any peace of mind

oh no no no I’m not going through this war again
oh no no no I’m not going through this door again

oh look here’s my truth
stomping over my patience like a big black boot
over the years I’ve worn the heels clean through
cos I love you and god it hurts
and you coming here’s just made it worse
cos you left me with no idea of what to do
is that the way you want to play it
a couple more years til you can say it
just seeing how it goes
isn’t it worth a little sweat a little work a risky bet
cos here’s the thing -
I’m right
and you’re wrong

oh no no no I’m not going through this war again
oh no no no I’m not going through this door again
Track Name: cloudberries
first rain since autumn
this veil across my eyes
soft silhouettes like baby’s breaths
fill the skies
must have been pressed on late last night
like berries beneath the feet
as we slumbered on the wonder of dawn
quite unknown in our sleep

different forms accumulate
cathedrals of cotton wool
as we lie beneath every breath that we breath
caught up in its pull
I cannot count the times I’ve raised my eyes
to search for something not within
and the landscape’s shifted the sky’s opened up
and I have fallen in

and in the waking hours the rain comes down
as the sky yawns
and we all fall through into this bowl of blue
and sail into the dawn

drought be gone
let the cloudberries rest on your tongue
Track Name: absolute belief
I woke up today with the absolute belief
that you were going to come and visit me
thought of it as I went to work and wondered
what time your plane would arrive
they usually touch down before nine
maybe you flew to Frankfurt first
and then you caught a train here
or maybe you got the afternoon flight
and you’ll later appear
but I’m sure you’re near
don’t keep me waiting too long
don’t prove me wrong my dear

spring is in
the seasons have stripped the winter back
and word on the street is
that love is the new black
and here in my sun-kissed cave
I’m trying to behave as if my skin’s not falling off
as I wait for the day to call my bluff
and maybe I will turn my head
and I will see your outline
or maybe I won’t realise
until I hear the doorbell chime

sunlight hits trips me from my thrall
I wake to find that you’re not here at all
and as the minutes turn to months and then to years
I shift my weight shake my head
it’s done it’s gone move on
you’re not going to get the end you wanted
but what if it’s just security
and you’re stuck in customs
or maybe you did the usual
and you missed the bus here
but never fear
they come every fifteen minutes my dear

tonight I want to take my rest
with my head upon your chest
I can almost see you there
I can almost feel you
this isn’t madness sprung from grief
or denial that speaks
this is absolute belief
Track Name: und wie
strange birds in my tree
eyes bright as marzipan
questions like twigs in their beaks
for me
both knowing and inquisitive
in silence I take what they give
for a chance that each memory relived
might be set free
all the people go slow
the wind rewinds its show
and the world is papered in snow
as far as the eye can see
und wie

strange signs on my hands
the marks on the palm like a brand
must be where the love began
to become a fist
notching my arrows in vain
the mountain range too far away
sometimes you can have the best aim
and still miss
but then the unforseen becomes skin
the silence seduces the din
and the worldly eclipses the dream
and the joy floods in like the sea
und wie
Track Name: as I woke up this morning
as I woke up this morning I thought of you my friend
oh enemy of mine
as I took my first awake breath
I recalled
the way that your words would fall
I recalled
the way that the light would trace your face
I recalled
the smell of your hair and your fall from grace
I recalled
how life goes on and on

as I woke up this morning I thought of you my friend
what enemy is mine?
as I took my first wide open look at the world
I heard
a shift in the steel of my certitude
I disturbed
the holed up image I held of you
I disturbed
the stability in shutting you out from my world
I heard
my heart letting go

which is why
I’m picking up the phone